Chinese Miss World Pageant Nude Photos Circulate Online

Fashion Model Gong Rumin Nude Photos Circulate Online

Photos of Gong Rumin at the 2010 World Model Competition/Pageant

Gong Rumin is from Qingdao in Shandong province, and at 177 cm tall, she has been working as a model since she was a student, previously having participated in many international fashion shows as well as been a model for a Japanese magazine. In this set of nude photos is suspected of having been privately taken before becoming famous, Gong Rumin not only poses in seductively in a motel room but also intentionally wears sexy stockings to display her long beautiful legs. A netizen lamented, “before doing anything, one should think thrice”, but was still profuse in praise of her body, with someone even saying “flourishing [pubic] hair, white skin, beautiful chest, simple a high quality human specimen!”

Her measurements are 84-62-90cm.

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