She Shows How She Puts On Bra and Drive !

Armless US woman shows how she puts on bra, drives car with her feet

Wardrobe challenge: Tisha demonstrates how she gets dressed using a small rod fitted with a fishing hook which allows her to pull clothing on to her body
A young woman born without arms, is inspiring hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers with videos which demonstrate how she carries out a range of daily tasks using her feet.

From eating with chopsticks to applying makeup the 25-year-old American, who goes by the nickname Tisha UnArmed, reveals how she enjoys an independent lifestyle despite her disability.

She posted her first video titled 'Eating a sandwich with my feet' just three weeks ago, and she has since attracted more than 300,000 hits worldwide prompting her to launch a Twitter account and Facebook fan page.

Tisha explains that she was born with no arms, and instead she has little holes where her upper limbs should be. Her right leg is curved and also shorter than her left leg, by about eight inches, with her heel turned outwards.

She says there is no explanation for the defects, adding: 'My mother didn’t do any drugs, there was no explosion of chemicals, she didn’t dye her hair or anything.'

Despite doctors recommending a right leg amputation when she was a toddler, her mother refused pointing out that her daughter would then only be left with one limb.

Tisha said: 'My mum was like: ''What are you kidding me, she has no arms and you want to cut her right leg off? That's not right, she's only going to have one limb.'' 

Dissatisfied with shoe lifts, Tisha now has a specially designed prosthesis which was created to fit the shape of her right heel and foot.

To date Tisha, who lives alone with her dog Jack, has posted videos showing how she makes and eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, how she applies her makeup, how she takes a shower, how she gets dressed and how she drives her car.

Tisha says that getting dressed is one of the most time-consuming rituals, and that it's easier for her to wear simple items of clothing such as tees, lose trousers and dresses.

Holding a small rod with a fish hook attached to the end, between her toes and in her mouth she demonstrates how she puts on a bra, trousers and can even do up buttons using a few special moves. 

She said: 'Getting dressed in the morning can be difficult when you don't have arms. If I decided to wear a button up shirt or tight pants it would take longer.

'A lot of what I wear has to do with how easy it is to get on. for example I can't wear skinny jeans, besides the fact that i just don't like they way they look they would be extremely hard to get on and off.'

To drive, Tisha uses an adapted car which has been fitted with a range of special devices including a left foot accelerator, a turn knob on the steering wheel and a voice command computer box which controls functions such as the turn signal and horn.

She steers with her right foot and uses her left foot to work the peddles, while special buttons in the headrest also allow her to activate the voice command computer box.

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