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Ride Motorcycle Naked, 3 Tourist Expelled from Cambodia

PHNOM PENH - Three foreign nationals, two men and a woman, immediately deported from Cambodia after being arrested by the police for riding a motorcycle without wearing clothes.

Crawford Brown (24), a student of the University of West Scotland, have languished in custody over the weekend after with two friends, Catarina Aarnio (22) from Finland and Giancarlo Allocca (30) of Italy, riding a motorcycle on the street naked.

"We saw them riding a motorcycle naked in front of the police station. I then ordered the officers to follow and stop them," said Chuon Chomkol, a police officer, told the Cambodia Daily newspaper.

"They were riding a motorcycle while naked. What they are very disrespectful so we hold them. I can not let strangers do like it, even if they do not understand our traditions," added Chomkol.

Chomkol added three foreigners was not immediately stop their bikes when chased by the police because they were considered not done anything wrong. "I'm sure they tried to cross the border into Vietnam," continued Chomkol.

The incident occurred in the district of Leuk Daek which is about 80 kilometers from the capital city of Phnom Penh. According to another police officer, this incident was the first time this has happened in Cambodia.

"What they tarnish the integrity of Cambodia, Cambodia destroy the culture and customs, as well as unlawful Cambodia. We can not let them perform indecent acts like that in this country," said Eav Chamroeun told the newspaper, the Phnom Penh Post.

"The Immigration Department has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deport them as a form of punishment," said Sok Phal, Head of Immigration Ministry of the Interior of Cambodia.

According to local media, the three foreigners will be forever barred to Cambodia because it violates the criminal laws of the country.

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