Topless Hairdressers Phenomenon

It's neither hair nor there at Brisbane City topless hairdressers

Topless hairdressing opened at The Grosvenor in February.

TOPLESS hairdressers have set up shop in Brisbane's CBD, with customers travelling from as far as Townsville to get their locks lopped.

Barber Babes operate out of The Grosvenor on George and involve a topless female barber cutting their hair wearing only hot pants or underwear.

The scantily-clad barbers also offer scalp massages, brow waxing, blow dries and a shave with a cut-throat razor.

Owner operator Jasmine Robson said all her stylists are fully qualified.

"One of the gorgeous barbers was even apprentice of the year when she trained," she said.

"Some of the barbers are available for lap dances but not whilst you are getting your Barber Babes service. They are serious about their art and don't take it lightly."

Ms Robson said most men generally don't enjoy getting their hair cut so the service aimed to make the experience more pleasurable.

"We found that a lot of exotic dancers are qualified hairdressers and don't do what they love as the wages are quite abysmal," she said.

Since Barber Babes opened in February, Ms Robson said the response has been excellent with some men coming in every couple of days for a shave.

Clients include a lot of fly in fly out miners from Brisbane, local businessmen, musicians, barristers, women and university professors.

"We have one client who flies in especially from Townsville to get his hair cut,'' Ms Robson said.

"We've had a few strange looks and baffled inquiries but definitely no complaints."

But Melinda Liszewski from Collective Shout, which campaigns against the objectification of women, said she wasn't surprised to hear the service is popular.

"What we're seeing is the crossover of the sex industry into other more mainstream areas," she said.

"It's reinforcing the idea that women exist for mens sexual arousal and titilation."

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