The Best FBI Agent

Moment FBI agent struggled to climb over gate... just before men behind him open it and walk through

No obstacles: This FBI agent appeared to struggle for a few seconds while trying to climb over this gate outside a New Jersey home that appeared to be locked shut
Fail: Local news crews zoomed in on the moment, capturing his climb and triumphant jump to the other side, split seconds before it opened up behind him

All in: Immediately after the agent pops over and confidently begins marching toward the home the gate springs open and the other agents join him

A blood-pumping raid by the FBI on a New Jersey home turned into the butt of hundreds of online jokes when an agent's dramatic climb over a gate proved far more embarrassing than necessary.

As seen on local news coverage the man struggled to hop over the gate, only for the gate to be easily and instantly flung open by the other agents behind him.

Those entering behind him appeared to have been waiting for him to finish the entire time.

The man gives no turn-around recognition to them, or the gate, but continues marching strong toward the house.

The video appeared in a local NBC news broadcast before it was posted to YouTube by entertained viewers heard snickering in the background.

It's since received more than 600,000 views and more than 1,100 comments.

'This is something I would expect to see in comedy movies. lol,' one YouTube viewer wrote.

'Climbs over fence like a noob. Walks away like a boss,' another wrote.

'Well it's nice to know the FBI can come into our property whenever they feel like it,' another wrote of the agent’s scaling abilities.

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