How To Force A Kiss to A Girl

A Singaporean navy officer currently training in an Australia academy was found guilty of forcing a kiss out of a fellow female cadet.

However, Benedict Ang Yong Chuean, a trainee at the Australian Defence Force Academy, was cleared on Friday of a second charge of undoing her bra and touching her breast while she slept, according to a report on The Canberra Times.

The Australian news outlet reported that Ang, 22, had entered the female cadet's room in the wee hours of May 6 last year.

He proceeded to lay down on a bed next to the 18-year-old cadet after a night out in town where she had 18 drinks.

Ang, who had five drinks on the same night, was said to have then rubbed her back, before holding her by the jaw and repeatedly trying to kiss her.

The female cadet said she used her teeth to force him to stop before falling back asleep, while Ang said that the kiss was consensual.

He also said that he stopped kissing her after she said: "I can't do this, you're like my bro."

The prosecution team claimed that Ang had an "unrequited love" for the cadet he reportedly refers to as "sis", and also told the court that he admitted to fellow cadets that he "f**ked up" and pleaded with them not to make a report for fear of ruining his career.

Ang maintained his innocence throughout the trial, and refuted the latter suggestion, saying that he was fearful of the ADFA's rules on non-fraternisation instead.

The Straits Times reported that Ang is a Singapore Armed Forces scholar who is studying at the ADFA to study for a degree awarded by the University of New South Wales.

Ang will be sentenced in late May, and is currently out on bail.

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