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Palmer buys 100 'dinosaurs' from China

Clive Palmer has ordered more than 100 mechanical dinosaurs from China, slowly turning his dream of a jurassic park at his Coolum resort into a reality.

The billionaire has confirmed the order, with his latest dinosaur, a 20-metre long and 3.5-metre high Deinosuchus, due to arrive by the end of next month.

The early relative of the crocodile will be the third of a planned 165 dinosaurs to be added to the dinosaur park, which is scheduled to open later this year on the grounds of the Palmer Coolum Resort.

Mr Palmer said the next shipment would include a 1200 kilogram brachiosaurus and a 7 metre tall mamenchisaurus - both tall plant-eating reptiles.

The animals, which will be displayed in the woodlands around the resort, will sway their tails, heave their chests and blink.

The park was started with a life-size T-rex which Mr Palmer dubbed Jeff, widely seen as a dig at Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney.

"The Deinosuchus, whose name translates as 'terrible crocodile', was one of the biggest prehistoric crocodiles that ever lived," the statement announcing the latest addition said.

"Apart from its sheer size, the Deinosuchus is very similar to today's crocodiles, illustrating how little evolution has taken place in the species over millions of years."

Mr Palmer made an application to the Sunshine Coast Council last year to turn part of the Coolum resort's golf course into a dinosaur park.

The move was labelled "tacky" by one councillor.

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