Chinese Girl At Bikini Contest Goes Nude

Angry boyfriend rips off her bikini in public

CHINA - An irate Chinese man humiliated a woman in public by pulling off her bikini top after an argument.

In a video circulating on Chinese forums, the man appareas to be upset that the woman, presumably his girlfriend, is participating in a beauty pageant.

The angry man storms into the location while the pageant is being filmed and begins shouting at her.

The female host tries to intervene, asking him to calm down. Other participants in the pageant also try to intervene but the man pushes them away.

He repeatedly shouted "Who asked you to come here?" at the woman, while pushing her around. During their argument, he pulls off her bikini top, exposing her breasts.

The woman scrambled to cover herself up while her boyfriend began pushing and shoving the female pageant host and some of the other participants.

Before storming out of the venue, he curses her and throws a nearby object onto the ground.

Some netizens who saw the video online criticised the man for his unruly behaviour.

However, many other netizens commented that the video seemed more like a publicity stunt, arguing that the incident appeared to be staged because of the smooth camera movement and the exaggerated reactions of the people.

One netizen pointed out: "The cameraman's hand not shaking one bit. In normal circumstances where something sudden like this happens, how could one be so steady, and the shot be so smooth? What more, the attacker is not the least bit angry

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