The Naked and Nude Village

The Secret Nude village in England

BRIKET WOOD - A remote village in the United Kingdom have regulations controversial. Because the villagers in Spielplatz, Hertfordshire, England, it has a habit naked in the daily works.

As reported by the Daily Mail, which is very surprising village life is documented in a documentary that recently circulated the first time in cyberspace.

For residents Spielplatz, move without clothes have done since 85 years ago. Founder of the group is 82-year-old man named Iseult Richardson.

Richardson founded a group called Naturists since 1929. According to him, this group is no different from other communities.

"There is no difference between groups Naturists and other residents," said Richardson. "We all live a normal life. We just do not dress while on the move, "he added.

The houses in Spielplatz consists of furnished two bedroom bungalow. This house is sold for 85 thousand pounds or approximately 1.6 billion.

Residents in a small village located in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England, preferring the nude during the daily activities. They only dress when working in the garden.

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