This Girl Is Too Sexy for Being Flight Attendant

An unfortunate fate for this beautiful stewardess. Since she is considered too sexy, she fired from the company where she worked. She was considered too pretty and too sexy to work on the plane.

This dismissal started when directors Turkish Airlines find video girl named Zuhal Sengul wearing a very sexy bikini. This video is circulating in cyberspace that is actually a visualization of the photo shoot she did. Reporting from Metro News, this is a photo session for a magazine in Italy.

Turkish Airlines spokesman said that there are standards that they apply to the standardization of flight attendants. "And such a model (section) is not a standard for us," he said.

Not only this time the airline just super strict discipline for cabin attendants. Last year the company also fired the employee because she was caught wearing lipstick.

"We just need a simple makeup. Lipstick is too much, "they explained.

President of the Board of Directors Airline's Hava, Atilay Aycin, also admitted the same thing. It is a matter of ideology that is intolerable. "No one denies that now Turkey became truly conservative and religious country," he explained.

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