Naked Girl For Death Promotion

A casket manufacturer in Poland has an unusual way to promote its products.

Lindner, the company name, using nude women with coffins. Sexy pictures of them were collected for the issue of corporate calendar.

Management of the company claims that the use of naked women for a little color in their products which are very close to the feel of the "darkness".

"Each edition is very different, and when we have too many models of women, the female customers will complain. However, if too many men are shown, then the male customers who complain," said a spokesman for Lindner, Lindner Bartel.

"So, we combine male and female in one edition of the calendar as a form of compromise," added Bartek.

Meanwhile, the owner of the company, Zbigniew Lndner, say, the idea of using the corporate calendar poses nude woman it was the idea of zbigniew's son.

"We want to show that the coffin should not be a sacred object. The coffin is just the type of furniture, it is the humanity's last bed. The coffin is not a religious symbol. It's just a product," said Zbigniew.

However, the Catholic Church can not accept the explanation that Zbigniew. Catholic Church calls the production calendar Lindner was an indecent act.

A church spokesman said the man's death should be treated with solemnity and not mixed with the sexual desire.

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