The World's Real Enemy

The Real Enemy

By: Representatives For Social Consciousness

"We have met the enemy, and he is us"   —POGO

There is no external enemy out there. None. The idea of an adversary, foe and villain out there in the world is a trick. It's an act of deception. No Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist for that matter, is an enemy to anyone.

Arabs are not the enemy of Jews and Jews are not the enemy of Arabs.

The only enemy that exists is the one within us.

The human ego.

The ego is a force that incites our desire for conflict and our jealousy and insecurity and hatred for everyone and everything that exists outside of ourselves.

This is how the real enemy hides. It misdirects our attention at others.

Our true self, which we lost touch with, is the human soul. The soul is our hidden, deeper true consciousness that is hidden behind the ego.
When we finally look within and target our ego, no matter what happens outside (even when we see true external negativity) we will finally defeat the ego.

When we finally realize that each person on earth is our teammate in the game of life, another limb of the body of humanity.

When we do see the authentic negative people in our world, we must realize that our own ego is what infused the cosmos with a bit of darkness and a certain measure negativity in the first place, thereby helping to create and feed these negative beings.

If we want to remove negative people from this world, we must remove it from ourselves first.

We must starve the darkness until it vanishes for good.

The ego will now make you doubt everything that was just said.  For that is its survival mechanism.

Doubt. Doubt, in everything that is good and miraculous!

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