The Devil On Earth - Mysterious Horned Man

7 Horned Man

Man with horns initially hard to believe, but many cases in different parts of the world. Some people, mostly elderly grow horns on their heads, even in other parts.

There are at least seven people grow horns. Mostly in China. Health experts are still investigating the growth of horns on the head man. Who are the people with horns on their heads? Here's his review.

 1. Yuan Fan

A grandfather named Yuan Fan of City Ziyuan, southern China, the talk of the medical world. He has a strange horn measuring seven centimeters. The man is 84 years tells horns on his head began to grow from five years ago until now. "I tried to cut it but it continues to grow. I can not change, the greater," he said

Fortunately it can not grow horns over seven inches. The doctors in China do not know what happened to him.

 2. Ma Zhong Nan

In 2007 my grandfather from China named Ma Zhong Nan became one of the horns in the world. From head 93 year old man was sticking a small object like a horn. Previous Nan middle comb my hair and was wounded in the head. At first he did not care about the little wound but over time a hard substance coming out of her head.

Nan has a horn with a length of 10 centimeters. He had tried to go to the doctor, but the medics said could not be helped.

 3. Granny Zhao

Still in 2007 the China Yang Cheng reported seeing a grandmother to travel from the city of Zhanjiang. How surprised that women 95 years it has horns on his forehead.

Curved horns like the pumpkin stem up to 15 centimeters in length. My grandmother was named Zhao said the mole, but in fact it grows longer.

 4. Saleh Talib

Yemeni Saleh Talib admitted horns growing from his dream. Men's 102 years felt there was something strange in the head. Turns out he has a horn and when she woke up little by little dream come true. He was considered a gift from God.

Despite claims uncomfortable, Saleh refused the gift of God is removed, according to doctors from hospitals, horn man is due to a layer of hard skin on the head. Horn has now been over 12 centimeters.

 5. Abdul Razak

Maybe this man most have horns on the head even under their lips. Abdul Razak is a retired police officer from the City Narasimharajapura, India, has been living with some horns on the back of his head, for over 20 years.

Actually this man was born to normal despite aneg growth in her head. But after retirement, antlers begin to grow.

In 2008, a horn Razak, like long fingers, a doctor from the local hospital said the case is very rare. Sometimes it happens because of the fat in the skin.

 6. Unicorn Lady

O An unnamed woman allegedly from Russia has horns out of his head. Horn length is up to 17 centimeters. Many people call Women Unicorn.

Initially she had a lump. For some reason it can not be cured lumps out circular horn.

7. Zang Ruifang

Zhan horrendous world Ruifang from China because it has a horn on the left forehead. This is similar to horns goat horns. About six inches in length and can grow again.

101-year-old woman was also felt his right brow horns would grow anyway. Note the black dots on his right forehead. When fully grown the Ruifang became the first woman with animal horn perfectly

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