Possessed By A Ghost named Nigel

Woman demands new council house after old home gets ‘possessed by a ghost named Nigel’

 Stacey McGill and her daughter Chelsey at their ‘possessed’ home in Loughborough

A woman living in Leicestershire has demanded a new council house after claiming her current one is possessed by a ghost called Nigel.

A paranormal investigator said the spooky guest that was terrifying Stacey McGill in Loughborough was in his 30s and had learning disabilities.

The 29-year-old mother said the ghost was tormenting her family, which includes her 18-month-old daughter Chelsea and boyfriend Carl, 25, by constantly switching the lights on and off.

‘I noticed something was there straight away,’ she told the Sun.

‘The microwave started going on and off by itself, and one night we were woken at 3am by the sound of maintenance works. It’s so unnerving.’

She added ‘Nigel’ also left her feeling like she had spider webs on her skin.

East Midlands Housing Association, which rents Ms McGill her current home, added: ‘We have listened to Ms McGill’s concerns and will continue to offer our support and advice.’

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