The World's Best Taxi Driver

Kind cabby lends passenger $20 because she left her wallet at home 

Diane was touched by the kindness shown by a taxi driver, who not only trusted her to pay the $15 fare at a later time when she left her wallet at home, but also lent her $20.

The STOMPer is glad to know such a kind soul still exists today.

She said:

"I called for a cab yesterday (April 4) at 3.20pm to get from Yishun to Compassvale and when I reached Compassvale, I realised I didn't bring my wallet.

"I had absolutely no money on me.

"Andrew (Comfort Delgro SH8729L) not only trusted that I would transfer the fare of $15 when I got home.

"He also gave me another $20 as I didn't have any money on me at all, not even my ez-link card.

"What he did really made my day. Without his help, I probably would have had to cab home to get my wallet and I would miss out on a work assignment.

"Such taxi drivers are a rare find especially when there are so many instances of passengers running off without paying their fares.

"Trust and kindness are traits which are sorely missing nowadays and it is heartening to know it still exists."

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