The Top Secrets How To Kiss A Girl With No Chance of Rejection

How to Kiss a Girl Smoothly with No Chance of Rejection

Going for a kiss is a scary moment for most guys. Just like the initial approach, and just like when you ask for a number, it is a point where you could be rejected. Most guys will talk for a few minutes, or hours and then lunge in for a kiss, or they will wait for a movie moment style kiss outside her house.


1. Touch her in increasingly more sensual ways leading up to the kiss.

Touch her arm for emphasis when you are talking.
Touch her hand. Looking at jewelry is a good excuse.
Touch her hair. Asking if it is her natural color, if she ever wears it up, has ever cut it short/used to have it long, or even when she washed it is a good excuse. If she is comfortable with you touching her hair and doesn't recoil at all, then she is kissable, you can go for it here.

2. Take her hand and hold it as you talk. If you have done the above, it will be acceptable at this point. Don't look at her hand or draw attention to it, just do it.

3. Squeeze her hand and see if she squeezes back, this is another kiss-tell. No girl ever squeezes back if she isn't ready to kiss.

4. Stop talking, pause, tilt head and look at her. See if she is comfortable. If she is you can kiss.

If she turns her head away when you try to kiss: Kiss her cheek and then her neck! She will turn around and kiss you. This is not a rejection but most guys assume it to be and back away. Do this and you can turn her on even more.

5. Establish a sexual vibe as you escalate the physical contact. You do this by:
More intense eye contact
Slower, smoother, deeper voice

6. Look at her in a sexual way, start to look at her lips as well as her eyes and see if she reciprocates. If she does she is imagining kissing you.

7. Sometimes, even with no work on your part, she will want you. When a girl wants to kiss you:
She squeezes your hand.
She looks at your lips or looks down.
She touches your chest instead of arm.
She is comfortable with hard eye contact even when no one is speaking.
She touches her own lips for a second then pulls away quickly

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