The Most Beautiful Beggar in The World

Chinese social networking, Weibo Shina, Perk gorgeous bum named Han Biyao. The young girl who had to beg on the streets to fight for her life.

Biyao born to a wealthy family and live well. Unfortunately this condition changed when her father died and her mother sickly continues.

She doesn't only inherit property, but the debt was far exceeds the amount of  her property. To pay off the debt she had planned to sell herself. And then Biyao life become similar as soap opera story.

The beautiful face girl claimed have been working as a waiter for the sake of her life and for the treatment of her mother. Biyao now risking his life on the streets. On the streets, Biyao become a musician.

Once in a while, the girl who is now dubbed "Homeless Beautiful" is sometimes just hold a plastic cup while begging.

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