The Heroes Of Sydney's Lindt Chocolat Cafe

Sydney - Two hostages were killed in sydney cafe siege on Tuesday, hailed as heroes "who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that others stay alive" in a prayer in the church to mourn the death of them.

Tori Johnson, Lindt chocolate cafe manager was 34 years old, and Katrina Dawson who is a mother and 38-year-old lawyer, died when police stormed in to end the hostage crisis during the 16 hours it.

In prayer at the Cathedral Mary within 500 meters of Lindt Cafe, Archbishop Anthony Fisher preach about how "the hearts of all citizens of the city was destroyed by the deaths of two innocent people".

"The news came this morning as heroic victims of the hostage man," said Fisher.

"Apparently seeing an opportunity, Tori grabbed the gun. Tragically, it went off, killing him. But it triggered the response of police and eventual freedom for most of the hostages," Fisher said. "Reports have also emerged that Katrina Dawson was shielding her pregnant friend from gunfire. These heroes were willing to lay down their lives so others might live."

New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn declined to comment on any individual's actions, saying what transpired in the cafe remained under investigation.

"This will all come out in time, no doubt," Burn said. "Can I just say, I think every single one of those hostages, every single one of those victims, acted courageously."

Dawson was the mother of three young children, Chloe, Sasha and Oliver, and a highly respected commercial lawyer. She was remembered as "one of our best and brightest" by New South Wales Bar Association president Jane Needham.

Andrew Powell, head of the Ascham School, which Dawson attended in her youth, said she was a well-respected and giving woman who excelled at her studies. Dawson's daughter Chloe is a student at the school and Sasha will be attending next year.

Dawson was the school's debating captain and played hockey and basketball. After she became a lawyer, she helped teach senior students at her former school how to prepare for mock trials.

Johnson was remembered as a selfless man who put others first.

"By nature he was a perfectionist and he had a genuine passion for the hospitality industry and people," Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane said in a statement. "His loss is absolutely tragic."

Johnson's parents issued a brief statement, thanking the public for its support.

"We are so proud of our beautiful boy Tori, gone from this earth but forever in our memories as the most amazing life partner, son and brother we could ever wish for," they said.

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