Rare Nude Pakistani Girl


A popular Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, through the cover of a magazine could offend conservatives in the country, sparked controversy across borders and trigger promises investigation of the country's Interior Minister. Veena Malik can do all that just by posing for FHM India, a men's magazine.

On the cover of the December issue of the magazine, Veena Malik appeared nude, although the arms folded across the chest so shut her breasts. With ISI acronym tattoo on his arm indicated. Tattooing was a clear allusion to a famous spy agencies of Pakistan, which is accused of being involved in a series of crimes, including the Mumbai attacks in India in 2008.

That cover, which was released online before the magazine was published, has ignited a firestorm of comment and opinion in the official media and social media of Pakistan. According to a report in The Washingtos Post, in such a commotion, case cover scandal has overshadowed the continuing conspiracy and the impact of a NATO attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers some time ago near the border with Afghanistan. Web editor of a local newspaper even said that the 'coup' Malik was already beyond the death of Osama bin Laden in terms of traffic on the internet.

That cover has make different opinions also in Pakistan. For the people who are offended Malik's own father, who reportedly did not recognize him anymore because of shame to the family and his country. A Pakistani lawyer has filed a lawsuit to the Islamabad High Court to sue Malik passport confiscated. But the court rejected the lawsuit, arguing, it was committed outside its jurisdiction.

But Veena Malik also received support. Some praised his courage, others simply enjoy her naked photos. "Arguing about Veena Malik, like clothing Veena itself, very optional, 'wrote Express Tribune, a local newspaper, in an editorial." What is not acceptable is the position of neutrality in fight between Veena and critics who claim more sacred than others. "

People who do not like the cover it is Veena Malik himself. She claimed she did not pose nude and that the picture had been 'modified'. She sued the magazine and has demanded compensation nearly 2 million US dollars.

But the magazine has denied the charges and said it had video footage to prove that claim false Malik. In a statement threatening Malik with a counter claim, FHM India asserted that she did pose nude. Party magazine also said that Malik was very comfortable and quiet when photographed for the magazine.

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