The Cutest Chinese Girl Becomes Internet Sensation

Cute face is definitely makes someone to be the center of attention, especially on the internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that JingYi Ju, 20-year-old girl native of Sichuan, China, was became an internet sensation.

The fans JingYi states that cute face girls who are members of the idol group SNH48 angel tub. Some netizens call JingYi looks very cute like a doll.

In fact, many who agreed that JingYi much prettier than Kanna Hashimoto, Japanese idol netizens.

 Reported by Rocket News, an Japanese entertainment analyst said that JingYi beauty is a rare thing.

"The face is like that only appeared 4,000 years and we are lucky to witness such beauty," said one netizen.

JingYi had just made her debut in the entertainment world in November 2013 ago. She joined the team of N from SNH48. But her cute face and her friendly behavior, makes JingYi rank shot up among her fans.

In the election of 2014, JingYi occupies the 4th position. As for the internet, JingYi became sensation of its own and became a byword in many forums.

A little about JingYi, she came from Suining City, Sichuan Province, China. Girl born June 18, 1994. She has a height 159 cm and weight 46 kg. From her small body and her cute face, making JingYi have a nickname that is not less cutesy, namely Xiao Ju or Kiku-chan. She is also good at playing the violin, piano and dance.


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