Extraordinary International Building Without Any Corners

Zaha Hadid Architects’ has completed the Galaxy Soho office, retail and entertainment complex in Beijing

The new Galaxy Soho project is a 330,000 sq m commercial complex that includes office, retail and entertainment outlets. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the project is characterized by four large organic shaped concrete domes connected by a web of fluid bridges. Encased in concentric rings of insulated aluminum cladding, windows are stepped back slightly to provide daylighting and appropriate shading. Protected courtyards at the ground level connect shoppers to all the retail, which occupies the bottom floors.

The upper floors are occupied by office space and restaurants and bars at the top, which enjoy panoramic views of the city. Inside the domes, intimate courtyards create their own interior world and skylights light the space. The project has a LEED Silver rating due in part to its use of natural daylighting and tight envelope. The 18-floor complex has already sold out all of its commercial units and is regarded as a successful project.

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