The World's Most Narrow House

Invigorating Narrow House by Fujiwaramuro Architects 

Fujiwaramuro Architects recently finished the Narrow House, a residential downtown house measuring just 36.95 sqm in Nada, Kobe, Japan. This incredible residence demonstrates that you don’t need a vast amount of space for cozy comfort. The home contains two bedrooms, kitchen, a garage, a living and dining room, and an additional storage room. All are spread across three floors with an opening in the middle. Fujiwaramuro Architects have been working on challenging projects since 2002.

On a slight 37 square meter site in the hyogo prefecture, a timber-faced home by fujiwaramuro architects combats spatial narrowness with
dimensional gaps and holes within its interior field. the vertically oriented wood skin connects a multi-level single family home with a strikingly
grained exterior. by contrast, a large central atrium organizes the space in sectionally, while wooden grates dematerialize the lateral planes.
these two architectural gestures create a sunlit space that reaches the bottom of the house. the center void also serves as storage space and works
in conjunction with the asymmetric smattering of apertures that puncture the envelope. room spaces are layered with a network of ladders that
culminate in a rooftop loft.

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