Chinese in Africa

 Chinese in Africa: Chinese Men Marry African Wife

This is a child of Chinese man and African woman, I have been thinking about  if this child should be considered a Chinese? Very confused ah!!! The child’s mother is a Côte d’Ivoire woman while father a migrant worker from China.

This young Chinese guy is from Fujian province and now lives in Congo, African. The girl is his African wife. They open a restaurant there to make money. And the couple can talk in Chinese.

Since the implementation of the strategy of “going out” strategy, a large number of Chinese men have married African women for the other half.
It is already not unusual that Chinese men marry black women; by contrast, fewer men dare to bring black girls back home.

Below are some photos of Chinese husband and African wife. The first photo is a Chinese man marrying a beautiful Angola girl. His wife is the kind of black beauties. She is very slim not a fat one that we generally think of, her skin is not dark but brown, the couple already has two children- two twin boys – at about age of 5 or 6. From children’s look, sorry, the father’s gene is much too strong; both look more like father than mother except for a little bit black skin.

Following the steps of Chinese companies, may Chinese workers go to Africa and work there for years. Some find their the other half there and choose to be  settled in Africa permanently with their African family.

A large number of Chinese men marry African women; maybe it can effectively solve the problem of gender imbalance in China!

A mixed-blood man of Chinese and African in Mauritius. Father is from Taishan of Guangdong Province and went to Africa for a living half a century ago. mother is the local black African. This picture was shot when he returned the home in Guangdong to get united with the family.

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