Antique Vibrators

Stim-u-Lax (early 1960s)
Originally designed in the 1930s and little-changed throughout the middle of the 20th century, this Swedish massager was often encountered at the barbershop, where its specialty was scalp massage after a haircut.
Detwiller Pneumatic Vibrator (1906)
Look closely at the graphic on the inside lid of the Detwiller's case and you'll see the tank of compressed air that made this model vibrate. A very unusual design that did not make the marketplace headway that electricity-powered vibrators did.

Dr. Johansen's Vibrator (1904-1907)
Homes without electricity could still enjoy the health benefits of vibration with hand-crank mechanical models, which were available in both Europe and the US. At least one model was also made in Japan.

Hitachi (late 1960s-early 1970s)
Currently the most popular electric vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand began its life decades ago with a sleek modern look.

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