How TO Getting Mind Blowing Oral Sex From Girls

10 Rules to Getting Mind Blowing Oral Sex From Girls

One of the qualities of the Starlight Girl is the ability to give wet, deep, and wild oral with her tongue and mouth.

A woman isn’t born knowing how to give oral sex, so this is a skill that you can teach her how to do.

As her teacher, you must understand that the number one rule of thumb is that great blow jobs are VISUAL and stimulates a man’s mind VISUALLY.

Getting blown by a Playboy Playmate is going to feel much better than being blown by a 300 pound Gorilla woman that looks like Gimli the Dwarf, even though in reality the experience would feel pretty much the same.

It’s what you SEE and the psychological stimulation it gives you that counts when it comes to getting great oral sex.

Her Rule #1. Admire the Master Cock

The woman needs to show happy admiration for the cock she’s about to swallow.

When she’s pulling down your pants, there should be a big smile on her face in anticipation.  This smile shouldn’t just be for show, she should really be happy to get her favorite desert.

When the cock pops out she should look directly at it, admiring the object of her affection.  She should look up at the man and make direct eye contact with a big smile on her face.  She can also start fingering her pussy or touching her breasts to make herself hot as she looks at the master cock.  Again, this is all about her giving her man visual stimulation.

Start talking sexy to her with the proper commands. “You belong to this cock… look at it and put a big smile on your face for the big cock you’re going to swallow!  That’s it baby, very good…  look at me… look into my eyes… now touch your pussy for me as you suck on it.”

Her Rule #2. Wet and Sloppy

Blow jobs need to be wet and sloppy.

Saliva and drool are a woman’s best friends when it comes to oral sex.  Drool should be covering the shaft of your cock and running down your legs.  When she comes up for air there should be strings of saliva hanging from her mouth.  It’s this visual element of a lustful, drooling chick on your cock that makes it really spectacular.

Tell her, “Use more saliva baby… get that cock WET.  That’s how I like it, with plenty of saliva and WET.  Drool on it baby, don’t hold back, get it wet.  That’s it.”

Her Rule #3. Go Deep

Some women mistakenly believe that cupping the head of your cock between her lips constitute as a blow job.

She needs to go down, down deep, down as far the shaft as possible until her gag-reflex begins to kick in.  We want to watch a woman at least try to swallow us whole.

Tell her, “Go deeper baby, deeper… go all the way down as far as you can go.”

Most women with your permission will oblige.  Don’t expect a deep throat however.  Deep throat takes months of practice to control the gag reflex.  It’s more the woman’s enthusiasm to please that counts.

Her Rule #4. Show Some Tongue

A woman has to show her tongue. She needs to lick up and down the shaft of your cock and angle her head so that you can see that tongue of hers licking.

Likewise, as she’s coming up for air she can keep her mouth open and her tongue out.  And when she sucks on your cock, she can push her tongue out so you can see it stroking on the shaft.

The physical sensation is pretty much the same, whether her tongue is in or out, but it’s the psychological sensation of watching that makes the difference between ho-hum oral and mind exploding bliss.

Tell her, “Baby, show me some of that tongue of yours… put that tongue out for me.  Lick it, lick it.”

Her Rule #5. Keep With the Task At Hand
Nothing is more disappointing than getting an all-star blow job when a woman suddenly lifts her head up and starts talking about her work or what she ate for dinner the night before.

The trance is broken, like when someone’s cell phone rings in the middle of a great movie.

Your woman should be making noise– but it should be of the sucking and slurping variety.

If she does start talking too much about mundane topics tell her, “Hmm baby, I understand, but let’s talk about that later… right now get back to sucking that cock, it’s so exciting to watch you do that.”

Her Rule #6. Open Eyes and Relax the Face

Many women tend to close their eyes when giving head.

We also naturally close our eyes when we’re about to eat something we dislike, like cold Lima Beans.  Closing the eyes is a signal of disgust.

She might not be thinking that, she might simply be closing her eyes out of habit.  But it makes for an unsexy blowjob nonetheless.

If she’s closing her eyes, simply tell her to open them and tell her to look at you.  A women giving a wet, deep, sloppy blowjob while she periodically gives your direct eye contact is exciting.

She should also relax her face.  The ultimate psychological turn on is to get a nasty blowjob from a girl with a sweet, young, baby face.  When the girl tenses her face up as she’s swallowing you, it creates the opposite effect.

So correct her if she tends to tense her facial muscles as a matter of habit.  Simply tell her, “Relax your face baby.” Blowjobs should be relaxing and pleasurable for her, not a stressful muscular chore.

Her Rule #7. During Momentary Breaks, Keep Eyes and Mouth Open

To add to the visual thrill for a man, the woman should take regular “display pauses.”

A display pause is when she stops sucking and lifts her head up.  Her eyes should either be making contact with yours or admiring your cock, her mouth agape and hanging open like she could go back down on you at any moment, and saliva drooling down her chin.

The way not to take a break is for her to stop sucking, close her mouth and close her eyes while she takes a moment.  This is not sexy.  It’s particularly critical that she keeps her mouth open while she breaks, like’s she eagerly anticipating for your cock to be shoved down her throat again.

Tell her explicitly, “Baby, next time you take a pause, keep your mouth open and keep your eyes on my cock.  Let’s try it right now.”

Her Rule #8. Slow Down
What’s not sexy is frantic, uncontrolled motion.  The girl needs to move slow and sexy, like an exotic dancer who slowly undresses and works with controlled, deliberate motions.

If she’s going too fast, she’s obviously trying to please you, so just tell her to “slow down baby” and the problem is solved.

Another way to train her to move in a sexy fashion when she’s giving head is to scour the adult films for a girl who gives incredible oral (and believe me, most of the films will give you BAD examples, so start scouring) and watch it together with her.  When the right scene comes up tell her, “Wow, she gives good head… nice and slow with controlled movements.”  Your girlfriend will take a mental note.

Her Rule #9. Glam Up

The blowjob is as good as what you visually see as what you feel.

If your woman is dressed and made up like a porn star, she’ll FEEL like a porn star and ACT like a porn star.

You’ll also feel more like you’re getting head from a fantasy girl who is there to please you and be your hot slut.  So have the woman dress up for you regularly.

Her Rule #10. Smile for the Cum Shot!

Shooting your seed on a woman with a tensed face and her eyes closed isn’t so sexy.

She shouldn’t just sit there to take it with her eyes closed.  She should open her eyes and receive her blissful treasure with a big smile on her face.  She should then wipe your cum off her face and start licking it off her fingers.

When you cum inside the woman’s mouth she can do more than immediately swallow.  She can give you a little show, swirling the cum around inside her mouth, letting some of it come out and drool down her chin.  Then she can swallow and give you a big smile of delight.

If she isn’t smiling for you when you cum, simply tell her, “Oooh, that was nice.  Give me a big smile baby!!”

Those are just a few tips for experiencing FAR more pleasure with women.  And if you want to really “build a better girlfriend” or wife, check out my Blissnosis Program.  It’s hours and hours packed full of girlfriend training tips to engineer “the perfect woman.”

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