Kitchen Tool Utensils Vibrators

Polar Cub (1928)
The rather simple design of the vibrator itself is left in the dust by its opulently-decorated box, covered with iceberg, polar bear cubs, and a lady in her nightgown. Info on the box is provided in English, French, and Spanish!
Spot Reducer (1950s)
More weight loss claims, featuring a vibrating rubber suction cup and an easy-to-use hand strap. 

Rolling Pin Heat Massager (1932)
Grandmother used a rolling pin for baking, and perhaps for much more! Deco-designed with Bakelite handles and a heating function in addition to vibration.

Redusaway (1940s)
By the late '30s to early '40s, vibrators were increasingly marketed to assist in weight loss. This use of vibration may not work particularly well, though vibration plate machines -- an update of this mid-century design -- can be found in some gyms today.

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