Chinese Girl Nude Underground Rafting

Beautiful girl and laowai black devil take off clothes to go nude rafting in scenic area

Nude Undeground Rafting By Chinese Girl & Black Man

Last weekend I went with a couple of friends to have a good time at the newly opened underground cave rafting in Qingyuan, Guangdong. It has been said that it is the longest underground river in the world.

We never imagined that a Chinese beauty and a [black man] publicly rafting nude in a tourist spot would be photographed by us.

Our party of 3 people walked about 1 kilometer on the embankment until we arrived at a photographing area, the first buffer zone [slower, more calm area of river?].

The two people as they drifted into the buffer zone I was in. They even treated me as a worker meant to photograph them. At this time, they were still honestly wearing their clothes and life-jackets.

Unexpectedly, the two people began fooling around to the point they started taking off their clothes.

In the end, with all their clothes removed, fooling around without regard for anyone else, completely not caring about the surrounding peoples’ looks of disgust.

In the end, only when the “Shen Bi Shan” [name of the scenic area/attraction] staff used hooks to pull them back to shore were they finally willing to put their clothes back on.

To tell the truth, “Shen Bi Shan” staff are pretty responsible, at least stopping two people this quickly.

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