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NY garage $3-bowl sells for $2.2m at auction

The 1,000-year-old Ding bowl sold for more than seven times its estimated value

A rare Chinese bowl bought for a few dollars at a New York state garage sale has sold for $2.2m (£1.47m).

The 1,000-year-old Ding bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty was bought for $3 in 2007.

It was displayed on the mantelpiece of a New York family who had no idea of its real worth, auctioneers Sotheby's said.

The bowl sparked a sales battle before being snapped up by London dealer Guiseppe Eskenazi on Tuesday.

Sotheby's originally estimated that the bowl, which measures just 5in (12.7cm) in diameter, would sell for $300,000 at most.

Mr Eskenazi, recognised as one of the most important dealers in Oriental art in the world, paid more than seven times its estimated value.

The art dealer entered into a "prolonged" fight with three other collectors, Sotheby's said.

Sotheby's said the bowl is a "remarkable and exceptionally beautiful example of Song pottery, celebrated for its thin potting, fine near-white body and ivory coloured glaze".

The only known bowl of the same form, size and almost identical decoration has been in the collection of the British Museum in London for more than 60 years, after being left to the museum by the prominent British collector Henry J Oppenheim in 1947.

Sotheby's said Song ceramics are increasingly being sought after by Chinese art collectors.

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