Naked Chinese Girl Walking Angry In Public Street

Naked Chinese Girl Mentally Ill, Traumatized, or On Drugs?

Shenzhen’s Busy District Shocked by Erotic Streaking Woman, Whoever Puts Clothes on Her Gets Hit

In the video, a bystander is filming a naked girl walking around on the streets of Shenzhen. Other bystanders start gathering to see what’s going on, and some try to cover her up with clothes, but she refuses and even lashes out by hitting back.  After flinging off these garments, she goes back to walking around in the middle of the street. One bystander remarks that it has to be a drug overdose, another observed that she had wounds on her body from being hit, and the guy who was filming said she had a lot of wounds on her hands with other chiming in there were slits on her wrists.

The video then cuts to her wearing a dress inside of a store and then talking to an older lady. Bystanders are now chattering about how she put on the dress herself, and how she managed to get the dress.

A reporter arrives, and a bystander tells her the naked girl has been walking around for about 40 minutes, how she put on a dress willingly, and that she seems to still have a bit sanity left. The naked girl hasn’t said anything about why she’s doing this, but has picked up bricks to fight off people who tried to clothe her.

The older lady then says the girl won’t say where the wounds on her hands and feet came from. The naked girl doesn’t say much, doesn’t want to go home, and refused an offer to go to the older lady’s home. The filming guy asks if the girl got the dress from the her stores, and the old lady also responds that she offered to pay the shop owner of an adjacent store for the dress that the girl chose to wore.

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