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Moonee Ponds converted church sells for $2.4 million 

A converted church in Melbourne’s Moonee Ponds has sold for $2.4 million.

Located at 1 Hudson Street Moonee Ponds, the sale was secured by John Morello from Jellis Craig Kensington. The architecturally transformed Moonee Ponds church had an incredible 12,500 internet hits and 325 inspections.

So in anticipation of a huge auction day crowd, the agency organised a coffee cart with complimentary drinks.

There were more than 300 spectators and three bidders, with the offering sold just after auction.

Its listing was reported by Property Observer last month.

Designed by owner and architect duo Dominic and Marie Bagnato, the property has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gym and a basement wine cellar.

The Gothic-style timber church was originally built by Tadgell Brothers following the general consensus at an 1890 resident’s meeting that the area needed a church for religious purposes and Sunday school.

The church was officially opened by then Lord Bishop of Melbourne Dr Goe.

The church acted as a venue for sports meetings, working bees and other social activities.

The church was part of the St Thomas parish, before leaving temporarily in 1915 and permanently in 1960.

In 1904, an extension to the church was built at the rear and in 1918 a vicarage was built nearby. A church hall was built in 1927.

The current vendors bought the church itself in 2007.

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