Braless Trends - Say No To BRA !!!

Is braless the new side boob? Perky Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leads revival of sexy seventies trend

    Model Rosie wore a tight ribbed top featuring prominent nipple outline in LA
    Fashion tome Grazia claim that nipples are a styling tip for the new season
    New research from France reveals that wearing bras can make breasts sag
    Anne Hathaway's nipples inspired their own Twitter account at the Oscars
    Rosie designs her own lingerie line for high street chain M&S

Stylish stars Audrey Tautou and Nicole Scherzinger add some interest to their black dresses

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sported the braless look last week in Hollywood prompting the fashion press to declare that nipples are back in style
The lingerie model is the latest star to brave the look now that spring has arrived

Trend-setting British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made the world sit up and pay attention last week when she wore a tight ribbed vest on a trip to a Hollywood salon.

The 25-year-old's pretty summer outfit featured a printed knee-length skirt, on-trend aviators and a coffee-coloured top showing off two very obvious nipple outlines.

And now fashion tome Grazia is claiming that nipples could be one of the hot new style tricks of the spring season.

As an underwear model Rosie is used to her chest being the centre of attention and her lingerie line for M&S is currently the store's best-selling range.

But it was her brave braless wardrobe choice that grabbed the attention of the fashion magazine, who claim that the saucy style option is a result of spring catwalk trends.

Grazia Daily billed Rosie's look as a 'trend alert' today and said 'We reckon the wave of celebrities out and about (literally) could be down to the catwalk clothes of this season.

'Some of spring/summer’s most significant trends call for styling sans brassiere and flashing a risqué amount of flesh. Even Dior’s extremely ladylike finale looks – which consisted of crew-neck black tees and ankle-sweeping full skirts - were a little bit cheeky because the fine gauge tops revealed a subtle hint of nip.

'Those ultra-deep V necklines on the runways of Christopher Kane and Celine are gathering apace, too. And that's before we even consider the crop tops, spaghetti straps, sporty sheer layers and all manner of strapless frocks around.'

Blonde Rosie isn't the only star to whip off her bra.

Fellow clothes horse Kate Moss is a huge fan of letting it all hang out when she is dressed down on her days away from the studio.

And at the Oscars in February Anne Hathaway's perky Prada gown inspired a Twitter account dedicated to the actress's chest.

Like Angelina Jolie's left leg before her, Anne's nipples were accused of making a bid for stardom and the @HathawayNipples Twitter handle soon had thousands of followers.

Since then stylish stars Miranda Kerr, Nicole Scherzinger and Rihanna have all followed suit, letting their nipples slip in to view as a conscious part of their red carpet looks.

And according to the latest research these boho babes will be having the last laugh, as French scientists claim that wearing a bra can actually make breasts more saggy.

A 15 year study of French women came to the conclusion that wearing a bra does not prevent sagging or ease back pain as commonly thought.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, from the University of Besançon whocarried out the study said: 'Medically, physiologically, anatomically - breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity.'

Bra experts Rigby & Peller, probably not surprisingly, remain unconvinced, claiming : 'Your breasts are composed mainly of fat and tissue and over time they lose elasticity, wearing a bra every day can help prevent stretch marks and sagging.'

And M&S agree. Julia Mercer, Lingerie Fit Expert at M&S says 'The shape of the nation is changing.  Women are getting bigger and the average lingerie size has gone from a 34B to a 36C in the last decade so it’s become more important than ever to wear a bra for both comfort and support.  A good fitting bra can improve your poise and be a real confidence boost.'

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