Chinese Model Masturbation Video

Model Isabella Yang Qi Han talks about her masturbation video

Yep, she hopes to be fit enough for the next World Cup, 2014, in Brazil!

Singer-model Isabella Yang (杨棋涵) has had a lot of hits recently for her seven-minute masturbation video.

Speaking on the TV talk show Entertainers’ Words, Isabella claimed the video, in which she pleasures herself with “adult products,” was released online by a spiteful girlfriend.

She said she originally made the video to show this friend, who was living in England at the time, on how to satisfy herself without a man.

She said they fell out and the friend posted the video to get back at her.

"I shared the video with my friend, who was living abroad, to let her know that there’s plenty you can do to replace the man in your life,” Isabella said.

"This way women won’t go out to seduce men. Such behavior should be promoted,” she added.

"It’s not a publicity stunt,” Isabella insisted, adding that in her three-year relationship with her ex she often "showed her love” via webcam.

"I’ve got hundreds of video clips to show off, which are sexier,” she warned in a sort of titillating manner. “But, I value my privacy.”

Isabella is actually most famous for setting the 2010 World Cup alight as a “soccer babe.”

She’s no stranger to guerrilla soft porn video postings, a recent one showing her and Li Meixi (李美熙), the supposed mistress of Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋), making out.

But she’s also becoming quite a controversial celebrity in that she speaks her mind on talkshows (as she does in this one, below, at about 3 minutes, starting at 3:12).

Even so, her photos and videos are at the time of writing being “harmonized” or firewalled off on Baidu, China’s leading portal, and video websharing sites like Tudou.

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