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Hugh Jackman On Being Attacked By Sobbing Stalker's Pubic Hair-Filled Razor: "It Was Frightening"

On Saturday, Hollywood and Broadway dreamboat (and man's man!) Hugh Jackman was the victim of a truly bizarre attack at his West Village gym: A stalker threw an electric razor, apparently filled with pubic hair, at him. Yesterday, Jackman spoke to 1010 WINS, confirming, "It was frightening," and also expressed his concern for the disturbed woman, "Here’s a woman who obviously needs help so I just hope she gets the help she needs."

Jackman had been working out at his gym, Gotham Gym, at 600 Washington Street at 8 a.m. when Kathleen Thurston stormed in. She had asked him "We’re getting married, right?" outside the gym, but once inside, she said, “I love you!"

WCBS 2 reports, "Police said Jackman tried to defuse the situation with the stalker. He told Thurston not to touch him. But police said she followed crying and screaming. A gym employee grabbed Thurston, but not before she pulled an electric razor filled with hair out of her waistband and tossed it at Jackman."

Thurston, 47, told the police, “I hated him having those whiskers." (Jackman is working on his upcoming role in the next X-Men movie.) The Post says that Thurston had also approached Jackman's wife and daughter at his daughter's school last month, saying, "I am going to marry your husband."

It also turns out that Thurston, a California native who has three grown children, has been on probation for stalking Jackman in San Francisco (according to the Post, "Jackman took out a restraining order against Thurston after that, and Saturday’s arrest is a violation of that order, sources said"). Thurston told police, per the criminal complaint, "I was at his daughter’s school. I went to his gym this morning. I want to marry him. This is not against the law. It is not against the law to have two wives.... “I was very impressed with ‘X-Men 2,’ so I started e-mailing him." Thurston's 21-year-old daughter Kalianna spoke to the Post:

    “The first time was last fall, I think. She got in trouble for hanging out outside of his apartment. They hospitalized her — I do know that — and then they sent her back here [to California],” Kalianna said.

    She said her mom denied that the reason she was going to New York — most recently by bus — was to search for Jackman.

    “About two months ago, my mom announced she was going back to New York. We got in a huge argument — I said, ‘You’re going back to stalk Hugh Jackman! ‘And she looked me dead in the eye and said, “You don’t know that,’” Kalianna recalled.

    “My mother has a very high IQ and is very manipulative. But she is sick and she doesn’t listen to the doctors. She can go from being completely lucid to totally crazy in seconds.”

Jackman also told 1010 WINS, "I suppose for me, the primary concern is my family, obviously,"and his neighbors hope for the best for him, "They are very nice, him and his wife. They’re just really nice. I can’t say enough.”

 Kathleen Thurston 

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