A Heaven Hole In The Sky

The weather in the region of Wonthaggi, Gippsland Victoria, Australia is quite bright. But suddenly, some local residents saw the strange sightings in the sky. They look strange giant cloud holes.

The cloud phenomenon is even more attractive when the giant hole decorated with patches of rainbow in it. Inevitably, a strange phenomenon that immediately raises the admiration and puzzled people in social media.

The phenomenon is known as a rare cloud Fallstreak Hole, or cloud hole. Social media users were flocking to claim the phenomenon as 'the rapture' cloud.

Strange phenomenon like that, according to experts quoted by Science Magazine, is caused by a phenomenon called 'seeding'. This happens, when aircraft fly through clouds cause freezing of ice particles in the air.

While the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said the strange phenomenon of the cloud is formed, when the water temperature in the clouds below freezing.

"But the water has not frozen due to lack of ice core particle," explains Michael Efron.

Related phenomena rainbow colors in the middle of the strange cloud hole, Efron explained, flecks of color that is often referred to as the game of colors that can also be found in natural objects such as sea shells, soap bubbles and butterfly wings.

"This type of cloud iridescence that occurred at a high level with the clouds of spring. This means, the water droplets is a collection of light," he explained.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology records show the strange cloud phenomenon is so rare, so it is normal that the peoples was amazed.

Weird cloud phenomenon previously occurred in early October in the Perth area. Meanwhile, in May, also a strange cloud phenomena that formed in northern California, sparking debate UFO conspiracy.


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