Sex on Stage

Couple had sex on stage during concert

A Norwegian couple face court action after they stripped off and had sex on stage during a rock concert.

Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, and his girlfriend Leona Johansson, 21, say they did it to help save the rain forest.

Police fined the couple £850 each but are refusing to pay and now face a full court case, reports Aftenposten.

Ellingsen and Johansson are members of an organisation called F*** for Forest which is dedicated to having sex in public to save the environment.

Their latest stunt came in the middle of a concert by Kristopher Schau and his band Cumshots at the Quart music festival in Norway.

After the couple walked on stage, Ellingsen asked the audience: "How far are you willing to go to save the world?"

He and Johansson then took off their clothes and began their enthusiastic performance as the band carried on playing around them.

The couple previously raised about £10,000 by haviung sponsored sex in public but couldn't find an organisation prepared to take the money.

However, the conventional green movement is less than enamoured with their tactics.

"I can not see that this helps the work for the rainforest," said Lars Løvold, head of the Rainforest Foundation Norway."

Fuck for forest

Fuck for forest, or FFF, is a non-profit environmental organisation founded in 2004 in Norway by Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, which raises money for rescuing the world's rainforests by producing pornographic material or having sex in public.


In its first year of existence,the organisation's website netted over $100,000 for rain forest protection through the sale of paid memberships. In their first six months of existence the group received seed funding from the government of Norway. They are the world's first eco-porn organization. However, the organisation's unorthodox methods have made it difficult to distribute the money it makes. The Norwegian chapter of the Rainforest Foundation Fund as well as the WWF both in the Netherlands and in Norway have refused to accept donations from FFF. As a result, Fuck for Forest is working on a project to work directly with indigenous communities in Costa Rica and the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.


The group gained notoriety when two of its members had sexual intercourse on stage during a 2004 Quart Festival concert featuring Norwegian singer Kristopher Schau and his band The Cumshots, after delivering a brief talk on the impact humans have on forests. The group then faced legal action as a result (including a fine imposed on the group after its male member dropped his pants in a Kristiansand, Norway, courtroom), and consequently moved its headquarters to Berlin, Germany.

On 2 June, 2011, Fuck for Forest were covered in Dagbladet when some members of the group simulated intercourse in Oslo Cathedral during Mass. The leader of Oslo Bishopry told Dagbladet that the stunt "makes him sad on behalf of those who did it."

In popular culture

The 2006 documentary film Fuck was released during the Cannes Film Festival (though not as a part of the festival). The poster for the film showed FFF onstage during the Quart Festival incident. The film sought to explore artists who experiment with modes of expression that challenge.

A feature-length cinema documentary entitled Fuck for Forest was released in 2012. The film, directed by Michał Marczak, is a narrative-driven story that loosely revolves around the group's environmental projects, but focuses on subjects like sexuality, contemporary lifestyles, western morals and cultural variants of human perception.

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