Reborn Baby Dolls

Ashton-Drake Announces New Line of Dolls Called "First-Ever so Truly Reborn Baby Doll Collection"

For over 25 years, Ashton-Drake has introduced countless doll collections into the lives of passionate doll collectors everywhere. Ashton-Drake has become synonymous with quality dolls all around the world. A new line of reborn babies called So Truly Reborn is now the latest doll collection released by Ashton-Drake '" just in time for Christmas 2010. Reborn Dolls are so precious and are sure to hold a special place in your heart the moment you lay eyes on them.

The original creator of reborn baby dolls was sculptor and Master Doll Artist Linda Webb. The current collection has been revived by artist Helen Jalland. This Reborn from the Heart Collection is a meticulously designed set of dolls that are of the highest quality imaginable.

The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that was put into making these reborn babies is nothing short of amazing. One would think a creation like this would cost thousands of dollars judging by other equivalent dolls, but at $179.99 these dolls are a steal! You won't find a realistic, premium quality baby doll at a price like this anywhere else.

The intricate details of the award winning Ashton-Drake So Truly Reborn baby dolls are spectacular. Each lifelike baby doll has vinyl-enhanced layered skin tones, delicate human-like veins, hand-rooted hair, handmade clothing with accent jewels and other fine details, hand painted fingernails and toenails, and the absolute cutest baby eyelashes.

The length from head to toe measures 22 inches or 55.8 centimeters '" just like a real newborn. It will be love at first sight once you have one of these reborn babies in your arms! The delicate details depicted on the So Truly Reborn babies are exactly like you would see on a real infant.

Emily Reborn from the Heart is the first issue of the So Truly Real series. The second issue will be Forever Rose Emily. This special limited edition series has been released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Ashton-Drake Galleries. Each doll in the collection comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

What better Christmas gift for all the doll collectors and little girls in your life than an Ashton-Drake original So Truly reborn baby dolls? At first sight, you will swear it's a real infant! This is a beautiful addition to any doll collector's collection. At this price, it would be wise to order now before the supply runs out during the upcoming Christmas rush.

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