Naked Chinese in Balcony

Naked 10-Year-Old Girls Playing On Trash-Filled Balcony

Look at these two very young girls’ bare bodies, climbing amongst the trash piles on the eighth floor balcony, and if there were a slip or a fall, the consequences would be worrying. Who knows just what these girls’ homes look like?!

July 30 noon, two naked girls around 10-years-old played on the balcony of a residential building. This residential building has a total of eight floors, and the two girls were located on the top floor. Observed from the outside, the balcony was piled full of waste paper, plastic, and other discarded or old items. The girls’ environment was extremely bad.

According to a worker of a certain home appliances store nearby, they also in inadvertently discovered these two girls naked on the balcony, and for quite some time already. Through interviews with people nearby, it is known that this floor of the residential building belongs to the City Housing Authority as a low-cost rental housing for the government. The household living on this level is surname Liu, and have lived here for over 10 years. The male head of household’s leg is crippled, and he works outside. Because this family is rarely seen coming out during the day, the surrounding residents feel they are very mysterious and unfamiliar. An auntie said she previously has seen the female head of household with the two girls leaving carrying snake skin bags after two in the morning and has also see them returning after five in the morning carrying discarded trash.

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