Naked Chinese Girl Begging

Pics of naked Chinese girl begging on Jiangxi street trigger public anger

Chinese netizens are outraged over a set of photos that had recently spread like wildfire through China's forums.

The photos depict a fully nude 11-year-old girl begging on the streets of Hu Cheng City, in Jiangxi, China.

Posted by an anonymous Chinese netizen, the photo came with the caption, "Nude 11-year-old girl begging in the streets. Who is shamed?"

The photos also come with a poetic description of the netizen's apparent outrage.

It said, "1700 years ago, the court official Mi Heng went nude as he sounded the drums and reprimanded the warlord Cao Cao. The one humiliated in this case, is Cao Cao, not Mi Heng.

"In the story 'The Little Match Girl' by Hans Christian Andersen, the little girl died in the cold of the streets on Christmas Eve. It is not the little girl's fault, it is the evils of society."

"Today, this nude little girl kneels on the ground, and it is not her who should be ashamed."

To many Chinese netizens, this is yet again a reminder of the recent Yue Yue incident, where the 2-year-old girl died after she was ignored when she got run over by two vehicles.

Netizens are incensed by the photos, especially as many pedestrians could be seen nonchalantly walking by the nude little girl.

Someone even said, "Why didn't anyone at least stop to cover her up?!"

Many speculate that the little girl is likely being used by a local syndicate to make money.

Netizens cannot help but admit that this seems to be the state of China's society these days.

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