Chinese Naked Daughter Beaten On The Street

A tattered old man beaten his daughter with a wooden stick then stripped her naked and let her crawling on the road pulling their tattered car.
The daughter was forced down on her knees crying.
The Old man clearly drunk and delirious. But his mouth still condemning sporadically.
Then The Witness call 110.
And then the daughter quickly put on clothes and left the scene, while the old man is still in the streets condemning, the daughter goes away.

新春刚过,寒风刺骨。记者徐峰下班回家的路上拍到了这难以置信的一幕。一位收破烂的老汉正在用木棍抽打自己的女儿并且逼其将衣服脱光赤身**的爬在马路上拉动自己收破烂的车子。女儿被迫跪地泣不成声。 在拾破烂的老汉身边散落着酒瓶老汗身形左右晃动站立不稳,明显已经喝醉并且神智不清。但是口中仍骂声不断从断断续续的叫骂声中。了解到大概是女儿没能力、不孝顺使的其被迫靠收破烂为生。而跪地的女儿发现有人拍照后则立刻焦急的向父亲求饶,记者则拨打手机通知110。看到记者报警跪地的女儿迅速穿起衣服离开现场,而老汉仍在街头对远去的女儿骂声不断。

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